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Colour Inspiration: Blue

Don’t get the blues looking at these spaces! From light, muted, to bright & dark, there’s a lot of colour inspiration for blue interiors.

colour inspiration blue feature

Guess who’s back?  Back again!  Blue is back, tell a friend.  Well, I don’t think blue “went” anywhere… but I couldn’t resist a fun song intro :)  I’m just going to say it… I don’t think anyone hates blue!  There are SO many examples of so many different shades of blue in interiors, you can find something for everyone.  From baby blue, to cool grays, bright cerulean, muted mediums and dark navy – blue is everywhere.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at some blue colour inspiration!

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Before we begin, let me remind you about the rest of the rainbow series.  Check out the first post on red herethe orange post here, the yellow inspiration post here, and the green post here.  I’m also doing a similar thing on my Facebook Page, but have slowed down since completing the rainbow.

Blue Inspiration

Please click through the links below to share from the original sources :)

blue bathrooms

First up, the stacked blue tile in the bathroom on the left by Studio Shamshiri.  The pop of yellow and warm wood tones add a nice contrast and work well in that modern space.  Conversely, the bathroom on the right by SCW Interiors is technically more white, but the wallpaper and blue accents really pop.  Plus, do you spot the super saturated blue bedroom in the mirror’s reflection?!  So fun!

blue bedrooms

Speaking of bedrooms, the pastel blue walls and ceiling in the nursery by Tamsin Johnson are the perfect backdrop.  On the right, blue from the wallpaper is repeated in the bedding (and possibly headboard) by Woods and Warner.

blue cabinets

These blue on blue cabinetry examples are bold!  On the left, the office built-ins by Amna B Interiors are a deep navy and perfectly styled.  On the right, the blue basement bar by Angela Chrushciaki Blehm works so well with the wood and marble.

blue kitchens

On the left, the blue cabinets match the ceiling trim and floor tiles in this large kitchen by James M. Davie Design.  Similarly, the bold blue cabinets by Phoebe Howard match the shelves, ceiling, sink skirt and accessories!  While both kitchens are “blue”, they are completely different.

blue wall accents

But blue doesn’t always have to be so bright!  Technically everything is painted blue in the living room on the left by Hudson Interior Design, but the hue is way more muted so it’s not overwhelming.  Along the same idea, the mudroom on the right by Sarah Richardson Design has white panelled walls and ceiling.  The blue doors, rug, curtains and accents bring the colour.

Blue in my Space(s)

Let’s go in chronological order…

bright blue bedroom

First, we had the brightest-all-four-walls in our aptly named “blue room” in our first house.  It was later painted a pale yellow for the nursery, but I lovvveeed that bright blue.

slate blue accent walls

In our rental renovation, I did a few accent walls in Slate Blue.  The hallway and entry were blue, whereas the rest of the upstairs living spaces were painted very dark.  In the basement apartment, the doors are all painted the same colour, but appear more saturated in comparison.

half blue wall living room

In our current home, I painted the bottom portion of the long wall (dining/office/living) in Half Sea Fog.  I’m bringing in the same colour in other places throughout the house to tie everything together.

We’ll have a lot more examples of blue when our cottage is done, but for now, I don’t have too many to share :)

Blue Home Products

Want more blue in your life!?  Here is a modified product round-up that was originally posted on my Facebook Page.  (Affiliate links used – thanks for shopping!)

colour inspiration blue products

Shopping Links Here:

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  4. Boston Area Rug
  5. Denim Pouf Ottoman
  6. Floral Planner
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  8. Art Print
  9. Patio Lounger
  10. 2-Person Hammock
  11. Slate Utensil Set
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Any of those items catch your eye?

More Blue Interiors

colour inspiration blue pinterest

Do you have any blue rooms or decor in your home?  What’s your favourite shade of blue?  Blue is Élise’s favourite, and although it wasn’t the main colour in their bedroom, it’s still there.  I’m thinking I might also paint the basement the same blue as our upstairs living room too…

Stay tuned for the next rainbow colour series post (purple!).


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