Black & White Christmas Tree Decor

Contrasting black and white Christmas tree decor work for many different styles of trees. Here, this bright purple tree adds a fun background!

purple christmas tree near colouful wall

Our black and white Christmas tree decor looks so good this year!  A big part of the fun is the purple tree – but I understand that it might not be for everyone.  Don’t worry though, black and white is such a classic colour combination, it will look good no matter what type of tree you have!  Check out more photos of our black and white tree, along with all the details to recreate this look. 

I love changing my Christmas tree colour scheme, and this has got to be one of my favourites!  Black, white and purple are SO me – it matches my blog and everything, ha.

black and white christmas tree decor text overlay with purple tree

And, with a rainbow background courtesy of the painted mural in the basement, this definitely feels non-traditional, ha. 

This year’s black and white Christmas tree decor is something that I have been planning for months.  Well, technically I try to think of my colour scheme as early as possible – and this was no exception.  I shared a fun Christmas-in-July series and DIY’d my marble ornaments and glitter ornaments back then.

purple christmas tree with black and white

Having my ornaments ready ahead of time helped the process of putting up the tree.  The kids were VERY excited and kept trying to skip a bunch of steps.  (PS: I wrote about how to decorate a tree here). 

black and white decor on christmas tree

In fact, I didn’t get a chance to properly fluff the branches or place my feather boa garland.  And I mean, the whole top is sort of askew to one side too.  Next year, I think I’m going to set up the tree part, and then have them come help with the ornaments when it’s all ready.

purple christmas tree with colourful background

Either way, we had a fun morning!  Me and Zachary (the 6-year-old) came back down in the afternoon and moved all the ornaments throughout the tree (rather than just on the bottom 2 branches).  When I took these photos the next day, Élise (4-year-old) snuck on some other random ornaments (aka small red balls).  See if you can find them :) 

Black & White Christmas Tree Details

marble ornament on purple christmas tree

These hydro-dipped faux-marble Christmas ball ornaments are quick and easy to make.

black and white glitter balls

DIY glitter ornaments are a cost-effective way to bring a custom colour to your tree.

purple flocked christmas tree

By adding flocking powder, I transformed a regular Christmas tree into a flocked one!

baby handprint ornament

Each of our babies has their own handprint ornament on the tree. We have one for Tootsie too :)

Ready to see more photos!?

black and white ornaments on tree

Don’t the black and white ornaments look amazing together!  I bought the plaid balls at the dollar store last year (kicking off the idea for a black and white tree).

marble christmas ornament

I’ve coveted the CB2 marble balls for years, so DIY’d my own in the summer

colourful christmas decor

There are plain white and white glitter balls from a big package I bought on sale last year.  And then some DIY glitter black (and half-and-half ones) too.

purple christmas tree with black and white ornaments

I think I may have a little too many ball ornaments in my collection now…

white and black christmas decor

For the second year in a row, I decided to add some hanging ribbons.  I had the black and white stripe ribbon in my gift-wrapping stash (I did cry a little inside when I cut it up).

white ornaments and ribbon on tree

Then, I tied a black and white lacy ribbon together – and that one is definitely more subtle throughout the tree.

purple tree near plants

I definitely prefer the number of ribbons I had in the tree last year, so that will be my priority next year (more ribbons!). 

beige stockings with colourful letters

Just beyond our tree, we have our stockings and letters set up.  (PS: look how bright the tree was in this photo – this is our basement and we do get a LOT of light down here from the patio doors).

purple christmas tree with lights

I had to wait a few times for clouds to come out and filter some of the bright sunlight.  Not a bad problem on a normal day, ha.

bow on top of christmas tree

For the top of the tree, I made a simple gingham ribbon bow as our star/angel.  This tree is pretty close to the ceiling AND I haven’t gotten a new star to replace the old/broken one. 

It totally works though :) 

(But also thought that the ribbon would be used in the tree, and didn’t have enough, ha).

purple christmas tree with colourful background and black white ornaments

Other Christmas Decor

purple christmas tree with white garland

As you can see, we also have a lot of sentimental ornaments on our tree.  The kids made some reindeer/tree slice ornaments a week or so ago, and I like to add a special one too (still need to get it for this year).  

feather boa christmas tree garland

My favourite sentimental ones are their handprint ornaments – and we may need to rethink hanging all the ornaments.  Or maybe we should have a second/mini tree for that?  

reindeer christmas decor

Luckily I don’t decorate the rest of the house too much for Christmas.  I did set up my new-ish reindeer collection on the ledge downstairs too. 

reindeers on window ledge   reindeer decor on ledge

I was able to find a few random reindeer throughout the year!  Most were from auctions/secondhand – and I love that they are unique :) 

purple black and white christmas tree at night

And finally, a lovely photo of our tree at night!  Honestly, since we’re not downstairs that much – it is something I have to think about turning on.  It’s only been a few days, but I’m sure the kids will want to turn on (and check) the tree the closer we get to Christmas. 

(PS: my fur tree skirt is a square so I usually just fluff the corners out to soften the shape). 

black and white christmas ornaments on purple tree

So tell me, could you see yourself with black and white Christmas tree decor?  Honestly, it would look great against a green tree too!  Plus, you could always use black and white as a base and add other colours too.  Like red for something more traditional :) 

As of now, I have no idea what colour Christmas tree theme we’ll do next year!  Maybe I’ll wait until the last minute, but as I said before, I really enjoyed doing random Christmas projects and crafts in the summer, ha.  Definitely less pressure than waiting until the end of the year. 

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