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The top DIY blog posts from the DIY home and lifestyle blog: Madness and Method. A look at the top 5 posts of all time, and the top 5 posts created in 2017.

Like last year, I’m going to share a list of my top blog posts as a good closeout for 2017/opening to 2018.  I have the list set up a bit different, in that I’ll link to the top 5 DIY posts of all time, then a list of the top posts from 2017.  I find there’s not too much change from year to year (the popular posts stay popular for a while!) so hopefully it’s not too repetitive :)

Have you read all my top posts?  What about the new top posts for this year, did your favourites make it in!?

Top DIY Posts (All-Time)

5. Patch Gaps in Laminate Floors, February 2016.  Completed as part of our master closet renovation project, we took out the walls from the closet and had some holes that we needed to fill in with leftover laminate flooring pieces.

4. Building a Raised Garden Bed, June 2015.  Always a popular post, especially as spring and summer come around!  We built our raised garden beds next to the shed, and have really used them well over the last few summers.

3. Things to Do Before You Move in, August 2016.  A helpful list of some items you should (hopefully) get around to doing as soon as you move into a new-to-you home.

2. Painting vs. Whitewashing Panelling (and Brick!), March 2016.  Apparently, people really liked that I compared the different paint options side by side.  In the end, we decided to paint our panelling completely, but I may do some whitewashing in the future.

1. Filling and Planting DIY Raised Gardens, June 2015.  A follow-up to building our raised garden beds, only this time I explained how we filled them with dirt.  This summer I want to see if I can build some sort of greenhouse structure on top of our beds (to extend our growing season).

Top DIY Posts of 2017

5. Bro’s DIY Painted Floors, May: I renovated my brother’s half-bathroom for the Spring One Room Challenge, and one of the coolest things we did was paint his vinyl floors to look like tile.

4. Bro’s Budget Bathroom Reveal, May: Working on my brother’s bathroom was a really fun project, and everything in there was completely transformed (mostly with paint!).  I definitely need to go back and take some updated pictures (and check and see how it’s held up!).

3. DIY Board and Batten Staircase, March: We tackled a lot of projects in our basement last spring, and one of the easiest things was adding board and batten wainscoting to our staircase.  It helped tie in the board and batten in the upstairs hallway, and all the (newly painted white) panelling in the basement.

2. Dry Brush Bricks (Fireplace Makeover), January: This was another easy (albeit time-consuming) project for our basement makeover, but it was definitely worth it.  It helped transform the entire space and make everything lighter and brighter, and almost a year later, I’m still happy with the outcome!

1. Saloon Style Baby Gates, May: Okay, I really like these baby gates and we literally use them dozens of times a day – so definitely a good project!  They’re holding up well so far, and I may eventually build another gate for the top of the stairs. (That was actually the original plan, but we don’t really see a need for one).

top diy posts for 2017

Did you read all the top DIY blog posts as soon as I completed them, or are you just getting to them now?  As I mentioned, there are still many popular posts from years past (that are doing better view-wise) compared to these top ones from 2017… but I think that time will eventually push some of these up beyond those.

Ha, and apparently it looks like I only came up with good posts at the start of the year – but don’t worry, some of the later ones will gain in popularity soon too.

For 2018, I’ll be slowing down my posting schedule, but I’m hoping I can still bring you a BUNCH of great DIY projects and renovations.  First up, we’ll be creating a new nursery for our house, and I cannot wait to get started!

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