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2017 Monthly Updates

Recap of my blog’s 2017 monthly updates. Originally individual posts, now the highlights are much shorter and quicker to read!

When I first started my blog, I would write monthly updates as a sort of catch-up on all the things that I was doing, planning, etc.  In 2022, I decided to clean up my website; so, I’ve condensed all the original posts into easy (and quick) to read highlights.  Here’s what happened in 2016: 

A recap of the past year, insight into my January 2017 plans and goals for the year. So grab a hot beverage and let's get to know each other a bit better :)

January 2017

Shared my top posts for 2016. Worked on the basement, including painting the fireplace bricks. Did a fun mockup of a green nursery.

white snow with wood stake

February 2017

We had a lot of snow and my scale was working well! Talked about proper primers for wood stains and shared a minimalist challenge.

Once a month I go over what happened in the past month, and share a bit about what I'm planning on doing in the next. Let me tell you what I mean and I'll share my March plans too :)

March 2017

Continued my spending freeze, went on vacation to Ireland and shared progress in our basement. Made a joke about renovating the laundry room before 2020. (Spoiler, we sold our house in 2020 and didn’t touch the laundry ha).

What are some of your favourite home blogs? Do they embrace the same design style as you, or do you keep coming back for the bloggers themselves? Today I’m talking about my three favourite bright and bold home blogs!

My Favourite [Bright + Bold] Home Blogs

A homage to some of the blogs I was really inspired by at the time. People who were using colour in unexpected ways!

April 2017

I got a fern (it’s still alive!) and a trio of succulents (only one is still going). Work started on my brother’s bathroom and I painted some more stripes in the living room.

May 2017

Shared my brother’s updated bathroom including details on the cool diamond accent wall. Built this saloon-style baby gate and celebrated my first Mother’s Day.

Do you have any big plans or projects for the month of June? We have a first birthday and wedding anniversary coming up, so maybe we'll relax this month!

June 2017

Our baby’s first birthday! Plus I worked a bit on the yard and planted new plants. We also ditched our traditional TV service.

Antique patio chairs on concrete patio

July 2017

Made a washer toss game, custom artwork and replaced a cracked tile. Our front porch concrete was repaired and I started re-organizing my blog.

Haven conference recap closeup of business card and book

Haven Conference Recap

Went to the Haven Conference again, but this time I had blogging roommates (Kati + Amanda). I also did a blog survey and started implementing everything I learned!

month of august outdoor image with rug and pillows

August 2017

Revealed my brother’s finished kitchen renovation. I started doing Facebook Live videos on minimalism and we removed over 500 random things from our house playing this game.

month of september outdoor shot of pillows on deck bench

September 2017

Attended Blog Podium again, and finished some smaller projects too. Like these bamboo blinds, and these yummy bone haystacks. Plus our first video tour.

month of november 2017

November 2017

We got snow on November 1st and it stayed until April. Finished the garage makeover, built a coffee table and donated my hair.

month of december back deck

December 2017

Announced that we were expecting baby #2. Changed my blogging schedule to only once per week and stopped posting my monthly updates.

And that concludes my old monthly recaps!  You can always go back to 2015 and 2016 if you want :)  Or, just check out my other family/life updates here

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