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Our Home, 3 Months In

Today I’m sharing real-life photos of our home, 3 months in to living here! While we have some rooms properly set up, others still need to be organized.

current living room office view

With all the posts the last little while focusing on our bedroom makeover, I thought I needed to share the rest of the house too!  The last time I showed the house, it was just after we took possession at the end of March.  A few things have changed!  (And of course, a lot more things will be changing).  But let’s look at this moment in time together: our home, 3 months in!

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We got the keys (and snapped the original photos) on March 20th.  From there, we had to wait to get new floors installed throughout the first level.  (We didn’t do the kitchen or bathroom floors yet, but that will be coming).  Because of COVID, we (the kids and I) didn’t travel as much to this town and stayed and updated our old house.

our home 3 months in

That home was listed in April, and we slowly moved things over to this house around that time.  Once the floors were installed, we did a big push and moved most of our furniture here.  We also had to shift things around from our apartment (namely the cribs).

We also sold a bunch of furniture that wouldn’t work here (goodbye old sofas and desks!).  And there was a period where we didn’t have anywhere to sit…

Ready to see what it looks like now?

Living/Dining Room Tour

We’ll start in the living room, which is our most used space.  We took the Ikea Kallax from our old master bedroom and now use it to corral our toys and TV.

living room tv setup

I did want to get rid of the beanbag chair, but for a while – that’s all the seating we had!  Tootsie also uses it as her spot (we don’t let her on the new sofa).

grey sectional sofa in living room

Speaking of which, we got this grey sectional in mid-May I think?  A light gray sectional was on my ultimate furniture list for a while now, and I knew that it would fit in this space perfectly.  I also like the bright rug here (used to be in the teal nursery).

I had a dream about painting the bottom portion of the wall this shade of blue and did that a couple of weeks ago.

split colour wall

My “office” is now located in between the dining room and the living room.  Right now I have a temporary desk, while I wait for my Ikea delivery.  My chair is the comfy ottoman I made over, and it stores our extra blankets.

dining room setup

Our dining room has probably gone through the most iterations in the short time we’ve been here.  This is the third table we’ve had here (it’s staying!) and we just got the chairs last week.  I’m planning on picking up more chairs, but for now, it works!

(Also, spy the bench we built along the window wall).

Other Rooms Upstairs

outdated kitchen

The kitchen has not changed much, but it’s been an organization challenge!  We did have to get the gas line to the oven repaired (it leaked), and for the first couple of weeks we stayed here, we didn’t have a functioning oven…

kitchen storage area

On the opposite side, I set up our secondhand storage shelf (also something I was planning on getting rid of).  None of the upper cabinets have adjustable shelves, so our tall containers do not fit anywhere!  I also bought this cute little microwave (this one is similar) to fit on the shelf perfectly.

In the future, this area will be a kitchen island, and I’ll most likely fit the microwave in those cabinets.


Going into the first bedroom, we have our nursery set up for Félix.  You might recognize the dark crib, chair, ottoman, pompom mobile… basically, his last nursery moved here.  But I also swapped some things around and he has the updated dresser and DIY change table and lampshade.  The shag rug also fits perfectly in here!

shared kids room

The older two share the other bedroom (Zachary not shown, ha!), and it’s a boring white box compared to their last space.  The ivory rug made it’s way here, and while it’s the correct size, I do not like the off-white colour next to everything white-white.  I’ll probably swap the rug with the grey one (that used to be in the living room) but it’s under the bed in the basement… so later…

Oh, I just made some cute shelves for the kiddos (similar to these), to store their toys/stuff near their beds.


Our bedroom is the exact same as last week, and I almost didn’t share this bathroom photo either.  Other than swapping the faucet and adding a towel hook, nothing much has changed!


Going back down the hallway, we’ll make our way into the basement.  (I’m sharing the photo above so you can see the darker entry area).  There’s also a small sliver of the DIY baby gate (à la Chris Loves Julia throwback).

Basement Tour

dark entryway

Oh the entry, this is probably the next area that will get a makeover, because it’s always a mess!  I did add some custom hooks (like these), but this spot has become a landing area and needs to be addressed.

It’s also crazy dark here, but after this weekend, that should be fixed!

split level staircase

The Husband wanted to paint these steps a while ago (I have a plan!).  But it didn’t make sense to paint the stairs in our main entry while we were still moving things up and down.  Stay tuned though, I’m sure we’ll get to this area sooner rather than later…

(Also, look how dark this area is compared to the light-filled basement!).

messy basement

Up until now, if you thought “oh, this house tour is cool, not too messy considering they just moved in”, then I introduce you to our basement!  Most things here will need to be put into the garage, but for now, they wait and take up room.

basement walkout to yard

We hope to have the basement be the “send the kids downstairs to run around zone”, but right now it’s like a child death-trap.  I didn’t take a photo of the bathroom (seen in the photo above), but it’s the same since move-in.

basement guest bedroom mess

The guest bedroom is the other landing room for stuff.  But once the basement is opened up and I can access the storage shelves (and get that pesky Ikea delivery), this space will be organized.  We also have to add the blinds to this room to replace the cardboard, but that will hopefully happen tonight!

large laundry room

The laundry room is also the next area that has been overrun with storage.  It was organized in here until I realized that the only plug available for our freezer was behind one of my storage shelves… I can’t wait to set up the garage and properly organize both areas… oh my goodness… so exciting :)

pain cave workout room

Our last room indoors is the “pain cave” as the Husband likes to call it.  It’s for all his biking/running/training gear, and he came up with a few DIY storage solutions for his stuff.


Speaking of the garage, in this up-to-date outdoor photo, you’ll notice that we do have a (very broken) storage shed.  We put things in here that were very outdoorsy (think: shovels), but I didn’t want anything that I would need often (or that I would be upset to lose if/when the roof caves in fully).

yard in june

You might also notice that there is no garage.  Well, there is no garage yet… because that’s what we’re working on next!  When we were house hunting, one of our needs was to find a house with a garage OR the place to add one.

Most of the homes in this town have narrow driveways/tight lots, so it eliminated a lot of options for us.  Thankfully, we found this property (on a corner), and there were a few possible garage locations.

front of house

After we build the garage, we’re also going to pave the driveway AND update the walkway.  Right now, there is a concrete step that may or may not move when you jiggle it, and the walkway has weird steps down.

And, don’t even get me started on that storm door!

But don’t worry, hopefully by next week, 50% of the entry issues in this area will be updated!

our home 3 months in graphic

Hmm, I just realized that I didn’t include the photo of our other side yard (or back “yard” either).  I’ll do a proper outdoor photoshoot (probably before/during/after the garage build) – so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, you can check out the before photos again to see sort of how it would look.  Just imagine no snow (at the time we bought the house, there was so much snow we didn’t know we had a little fence in the front!).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed looking at photos of our home 3 months into living here!  I’ll mark my calendar to do a six-month or 12-month tour next, it’s fun to see how it evolves.  (And also to hold myself accountable to getting things properly put away/organized).

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