Reviewing 2022 Projects

At the end of each year I like to go back and see if I accomplished what I set out to do. This post is all about reviewing my 2022 projects!

cottage with fall leaves

What a fun year we had!  On and off the blog, this was a year of worrrrkkk.  Today I’m going to be reviewing our 2022 projects, and next week I’ll have a new list for the year ahead.  I only write my list out here (ie: there’s not a physical copy I refer to), so some of these I completely forgot about.  Let’s get to it :) 

Before we begin, you can check out my yearly recap for 2021 AND the plans for 2022 post here.  I’ll be copying/pasting those items here, so don’t worry if you don’t remember :)

kitchen renovation progress

Reviewing 2022 Cottage Projects

Rather than copy the whole list and scratch things off, I figured a table might be easier to follow: 

Projects CompletedUnfinished Projects
Windows/doors installed
Front porch to be built
Vapour barrier, sealing drafts, insulation
Hydro hookup
Propane hookup
Water well drilled and hooked up
Drywall up, taped, mudded and primed
Upstairs bathroom
Exterior/beach cleanup
HVAC, plumbing, electrical
Siding/exterior finishes
All walls painted/wood ceiling planks
Basement bathroom
Light fixtures
Laundry room
Living rooms (includes fireplace and built-in cabinets)
Mini-mudroom entry

Next week (in my 2023 plans post), I’ll go over more details about what exactly needs to be finished at the cottage.  Let’s just say, it’s mostly finishing small things rather than starting big/new projects.  I mean, technically everything in that second column, ha. 

yellow white striped nursery

Reviewing 2022 House Projects

This is definitely in the camp of “things I forgot I wanted to do”.  And, once summer/warm weather hit, we focused all of our energies on the cottage.  

  • Upstairs hallway: completed!
  • Replaced baseboards: nope (I bought the material… ha)
  • Quick updates in Félix’s room: yes I added yellow stripes
    • I also said I wasn’t switching him to a big bed soon, but he had other ideas!
  • More plants/landscaping: yep, and ongoing
  • Move big containers/compost: I didn’t move the containers, but I did get a new compost system
  • Asphalt the driveway: noooooo, and I said it again this winter – this is the last time, ha
  • Upstairs living room updates: I think I meant my Kallax hack?

yellow white striped walls teal bed  yellow white striped walls brown dresser

Reviewing Other 2022 Plans

Travel: Check check and check!  We took the kids to Florida for March break, I did a big girls’ trip to Greece/North Macedonia in the Spring, and we did a little weekend trip to Northern Michigan with the family in June.  

Maintain our Apartment: I’ve been keeping up with the basement cleaning and prepping for Airbnb guests as always, but we had a lot of extra issues this year.  Aka water problems/flooding!  We had our window wells fill up with water (and spill into the basement), and I still need to replace some of the baseboards because of that.  Upstairs, the bathroom tub/tiles leaked and we had to do a whole gut renovation.  While we had tenants of course!  I shared some photos of the progress on Instagram, but I may share the whole project when it’s 100% complete (I didn’t paint the walls yet, oops).  

rainbow stencil hallway

Brother’s Bathroom: Okay, I did not do anything for his bathroom, but will try and get that done soon, ha.  As a reminder, I updated his powder bath and we’re going to do the same thing upstairs.  I did manage to visit him for a bit and take photos of his primary bath (that I designed and he hired out).   

reviewing 2022 projects text overlay yellow stripe nursery

I can’t tell if writing everything out makes it seem like we did a lot fewer projects, or a lot more, ha.  Either way, I like reviewing my projects for the year, so I hope you do as well :) 

see you next time nicole text image

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