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2016 Monthly Highlights

Recap of my blog’s 2016 monthly highlights. Originally individual posts, now the recaps are much shorter and quicker to read!

It is the beginning of June, and we are officially on baby watch! But first, let's look back at what happened in May and then dive in to the plans for June!

When I first started my blog, I would write monthly updates as a sort of catch-up on all the things that I was doing, planning, etc.  In 2022, I decided to clean up my website; so, I’ve condensed all the original posts into easy (and quick) to read highlights.  Here’s what happened in 2016: 

Happy New Year everyone, feel free to share any resolutions (or non-resolutions) you've made! Let's look forward to 2016 and all the new things together :)

January 2016 (Happy New Year!)

We had a green Christmas, but snow came shortly after. Tootsie chewed our couch pillowcases – and I didn’t have any big resolutions. “Let’s look forward to 2016 and all the new things together :)

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

DIY Work Division

In January of 2016, I wrote a post detailing how the Husband and I divide all the renovation projects around the house. We gave each other points and I made graphs showing the difference. In the end, it was about 50/50.

Every month I go over what I accomplished the month before, and discuss my updates for the future. Here are my plans for February 2016

February 2016

Our front door started peeling, I took my first baby bump photo and was halfway through my pregnancy. Almost starting my maternity leave (up until then, I worked a regular 9-5 and blogged on the side). I got a lot of projects done including this popular post.

My plans for March and my recap on February will be a bit longer than normal. And, because it’s my birthday month I figured my hair needed a little change this year!

March 2016 (and New Hair!)

I shared a history recap of all the different hair/colours I’ve had over the years. My baby bump was definitely visible now. We took a road trip, I shared our bedroom tour and debated painting our panelling.

Twice per year designers and bloggers participate in a six-week challenge to transform one room in their house called the One Room Challenge. Check out my handy tips if you plan on participating!

Love for the One Room Challenge

Before participating in my first 6-week renovation (aka the ORC) I shared my favourite spaces from the most-recent event. And some really good tips for anyone participating.

If you want to find out all about my recap for the month of March and my plans for April 2016, then you've come to the right place :)

April 2016

Started our basement bathroom renovation! Had my pink and blue baby shower and made this cute game. Oh, and we could see our yard again so I shared a tour.

A recap of everything that's been going on around here the past month and a small hint at my plans for May 2016!

May 2016

Everyone could tell I was pregnant by the start of May! Like the rest of the internet, I was making DIY laundry soap. Revealed our completed basement bathroom and got ready for the baby.

ORC Reveals to Watch

I teamed up with a group of bloggers to share our different One Room Challenge spaces. Our bathroom was in the “industrial and modern” group.

June 2016

I pre-scheduled some blog posts in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. Zachary was born on his due date and I wrote this cute post about DIY vs. pregnancy.

grass yard with small tree saplings coming up

August 2016

I was hot nursing a baby in the summer, so we got A/C. We still called Zachary “baby”, like “the baby is hungry” and such. Did some outdoor projects like this firepit surround, mini-fences and filled a crack.

Changes, They Are a Coming!

Announced by rebranding to Madness and Method (reminder: was Q-Schmitz).

Summer is winding down, so let's do a quick recap of August and then go into my plans for September (and beyond!). What are your plans for this month?

September 2016

I continued talking about minimalism and went to my first antique sale. Sealed the asphalt driveway and gave a makeover to an ottoman (that we still have 5+ years later!).

We took advantage of the long Labour Day weekend with a big road trip to visit my family. Here is my recap of our visit home, with plenty of pictures :)

A Visit Home

I brought Zachary to visit my parent’s house (where I grew up) for the first time. He had seen my parents, but it was his first big car ride (and time in the pool!)

If you're a fellow Canadian blogger and thinking of attending BlogPodium next year then this BlogPodium 2016 recap post is for you!

Blog Podium Recap

Blog Podium is/was a blogging conference for Canadians. I attended for the first time in September 2016. My mom met me there and watched Zachary during the day.

October 2016

So many Halloween projects! This planter, the cereal treat brains, boo sign and silhouettes (among other things)! Oh, and our first family costume.

What are your plans for November 2016? I like sharing monthly update because it gives me a chance to reflect and share insights into my future plans.

November 2016

I had been reading books from this list for a few months now. (Spoiler: 5 years later, and I didn’t finish). Sent out my first email newsletter!

December 2016

Working on my brother’s kitchen, got ready for winter and did some Christmas things. Also did some updates at the Husband’s work.

Did you enjoy these highlights from 2016?  I also have one from 2015 and 2017.  Or, just check out my other family/life updates here

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