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A look back at the popular posts from 2019 on the Madness and Method blog. From outdoor builds and DIY repair projects, to paint pours and more!

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Welcome to the year 2020!  As an annual kick-off, I always like to look back at the popular posts from 2019 (aka last year!).  This time, we have a new order for the overall top-five and some really great top 5 projects that I completed last year.  Let’s get to it!

If you’re visiting for the first time, this is a great post to start with, because it gives a good overview of my popular content.  Before we get to the updated list, you can always check out the past popular post highlights:

And again, I tried to mention some projects that have never been featured before (those are linked at the bottom in the “ones to watch” section!).

Top 5 Posts (from any year)

This year, we had a small change-up in the top five posts, so I’m interested to see if the list will be different next year too.

As far as projects that I wrote about in 2019, most were at the start of the year and almost all had to do with our Rental Renovation.

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Top 5 Popular Posts (written in 2019)

Not sure if the videos were the reason for the popularity of the first two, but I am making it a goal to try and get out more regular video content this year.

We’ll see how it goes!

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Popular Posts to Watch For

Like I did last year, I’m also sharing some posts that had some of the higher views too.  This time though, I wanted to make sure I didn’t include any posts from years before.

So, if you check out the previous popular lists (like the original list, the list from 2017 and the list from 2018), there shouldn’t be any duplicates.

Here they are:

I feel like some of these popular posts need updates (whether sharing how they fared or even doing a more thorough tutorial).  I’ll definitely have to give updates if I get to any of those!

WAIT!  I just decided to add my five favourite posts from last year… that didn’t make the cut.  In no particular order, I really liked these projects too:

Let me know if any of these are your favourites, and/or if you had something else you liked and are bummed it didn’t make the top spot :)

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