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Looking back at all the popular posts from 2022 on the Madness and Method blog. From the overall most visited posts, to the ones to watch!

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It’s the post that everyone’s been waiting for – aka all the popular posts of 2022!  Unless you’re visiting the Madness and Method blog for the first time!?  Then, welcome!  My name is Nicole and I live in Northern Ontario, Canada.  Since it’s the start of a new year, I figured a recap of the popular posts (and ones to watch) was in order.  Plus, it’s a tradition at this point, so let’s get to it :) 

In addition to posting the top 5 posts overall (from any year), I’m also sharing the top five posts that I wrote in 2022, plus a bunch of my favourites.  If you’re interested in a general recap of last year, check out this highlights post, and see this post if you want the plans for 2023

2022 was a hustle year for the blog.  Not only did I write over 50 new posts – but I also reworked/republished over 40 old posts!  While I will continue to refresh some of my older posts, I don’t think I’ll shoot for one a week like I did last year.  It got busy :)  In fact, I’ll probably sprinkle them into my normal weekly schedule and have fewer new things – we shall see! 

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Top Madness and Method Blog Posts in 2022

Of this list, 2 of the posts were repeats from last year – but it looks like 2016 was a popular year, ha.  These were the top overall posts visited in 2022, so it’s fun to see the list evolve and change.  

(But also why I’m reworking some of my older posts too). 

Top Blog Posts Written in 2022

These posts did a lot better than others have in the past.  Usually, it takes a while for things to get popular, so I have to scroll way down in the analytics to find things I’ve written for that year.  I also added a * to the smoothie post, because although it was brand new, I originally had a lot of that same information in my older Single-Serve Summer Smoothies post.  

Good thing I updated them both and broke down the information a bit better :)  

Also, I’m surprised that the travel post made it in the top – usually those have only crickets, ha.  Same for recipes actually… 

2022 Highlights

Anyways!  Let’s get to a fun little segment I like to call “Nicole’s favourite posts” or “posts to watch”.  Basically, things I enjoyed writing and/or might not have made it into the 2022 recap post

First up, my seasonal moodboards!

moodboard spring home decor products and more
summer home decor more moodboard
fall home decor and more product moodboard
winter home decor moodboard

I love these more from an aesthetics stand-point, and because they were so fun to come up with and make! Coming up with four seasonal designs was a lot easier than my colour inspiration series (aka 7 posts)…

Other posts I wanted to highlight from this year:

how to hang artwork text overlay on white wall with painting and change pad

As part of Félix room refresh, I wrote about (and made a video) how to hang artwork. This was one of those posts that just didn’t take off… I also painted fun stripes and you can see his room reveal here.

pile of clothes on bed with purple walls

Not sure if anyone was as interested as me in this, but I did a big clothes count and purge last year. I had the least amount of clothes that I’ve ever owned. (I did the same thing many years ago).

rainbow hallway

Although I mentioned this in the 2022 recap post, I still LOVE our rainbow hallway. Completed as part of the Spring One Room Challenge, this bold hallway is a fun place to be.

faux marble christmas ornament with text

I had so much fun doing a Christmas in July series… I’m going to do it again this year! Also included glitter ornaments, starting holiday collections and products I was influenced to buy.

cottage bathroom design plans

I had a LOT of cottage design plans to share this summer. We are not done, but I can’t wait to show the results soon. Also have the kitchen design, nature-themed bedrooms and basement living room.

halloween family clue costumes

Group Halloween costumes are always my favourite! I’m worried this might be our last year for a group costume… but I think we might have two costumes (one for me, and one for the kids, ha). We’ll see!

Sometimes I forget that I renovated an entire bathroom from start (drywall) to finish (mostly) this year. Truthfully, I had to still wait for the plumbers to finish their parts and add the final accessories – but this project was a beast!

purple christmas tree with colourful background and black white ornaments

Maybe it’s because we just took our tree down, or because I LOVE this photo, but I figured I would include it here. Oh, and I decided that I’m going to do a rainbow tree next year – so if you’re reading this, you’re the first to know :)

Phew, that was a lot :)  I didn’t include any of the updated posts I did last year… but don’t forget, there were over 40 of those!  (PS: I keep a list of everything in a spreadsheet – trying to organize all this willy-nilly once a year would be hard).  

popular posts 2022

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the popular posts from 2022!  While I don’t have as ambitious plans for the blog this year in terms of amount of content, I do still have so many things to share and update in 2023.

Most of which I’m realizing is in relation to our Rocky Retreat cottage build… so we better get on that!

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